What I did this week

This was work week, where we had some time to prepare for the presentation to give to Chris. The aim was to make a presentation to explain what the business was, how it worked, the progress and the future aims.

We had completed the majority of the presentation last week, therefore on Wednesday we reviewed the presentation and thought about what each of us would say in the slides. This was continued on Thursday when we re-worded some parts of the presentation and re-edited some screenshots so that it would be clearer. This totaled about 4 hours work.

On Thursday evening I continued to go through my slides, writing down extra content that I would say, that was not included in the text on the slides. I didn’t bother practicing out loud at this stage, as there were only a small number of slides that we had already booked time to go through on Friday, before the presentation.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the rehearsal and the interim presentation, due to personal reasons. I contacted Chris about this as I believe that I had given a good amount of input up until this stage and had prepared all of the content that I needed to present, along with previously putting the skeleton of the presentation together.

After speaking to my colleagues, I found that the presentation wen’t really well – so  I’m glad about that. Feedback received from Chris:

  • use cases and rich picture do not need to be in the final presentation
  • where do you get discounts on the payment page
  • make affiliates clearer of how make money – do we make money or do they make money
  • in the final presentation Chris suggested that to help sell our idea that we try and set the scene e.g a new student starting university how would we sell to them
  • need to look at how else we can enhance the webiste
  • long term rentals how website might benefit from them
  • payments by parents
  • could have discounts if people renew their rentals sooner

This was very useful feedback and has left us with a couple of things to think about. The website enhancement is one of them, how can we make it attractive to customers and how can we make to accessible on many devices (responsive web design perhaps).

The idea of a discount for early renewal is a good one, I believe that instead of taking a cut on income, the bonus to the customer could be a one month extension or some other incentive that adds value to the proposition.

I was unable to do work at the weekend and our group has not met up this week, as we have been working on an assignment which is due in at the end of the week. This week I have not put in the same amount of time as in previous weeks, however I hope we have a productive week to come.

Meeting time: 4 hours.Own time: 2 hours.

Total: 6 hours

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