What I did this week

Our group spent most of the BIT project working time to plan and put together the presentation, which we are giving on Friday.

On Friday 16th November, we will present what progress we have made with our project to Chris, so that he knows about what our business is and how far we have got with things. This presentation isn’t the final one that we’d show to a company or investor, it should be factual and to the point.

We had a meeting on Thursday (November 8th) where we discussed how we would approach the presentation. We also looked at what we had done and what was talked about during lectures so that we knew what were the important parts to cover in the presentation (soe of us already had notes). During the Thursday meeting we decided that the following should be explained to Chris during the presentation:

  • What does our business do?
  • How will the business make money?
  • What examples of scope documents have we completed ? (such as use-cases and storyboard)
  • What market research have we done?
  • How have we progressed with the business plan?
  • Who has done what?
  • What work is left to do and who will do it?

The rest of the Thursday meeting covered the feedback received from Chris. We opened up the original document so that we could see the section along with the feedback. We have some corrections to make with the business plan, however we should be able to work on that next week. The following notes were made about who should work on different parts of the presentation content (or the quality control of that section, if completed as a team):

  • Seb – Website Draft, mention website/app, Price list. Advertising.
  • Me – How are we going to make money, Business Plan, Figures, Presentation skeleton slides
  • Tom – General Idea, Rich Pictures, Affiliates.
  • Ian – Marketing, Figures, Plan of work until Christmas.
  • Sam – Use Cases and Presentation Plan

During the weekend I reviewed what documentation we had already completed and had uploaded to Facebook, to give me an idea of what to put into the presentation. I put together a skeleton presentation with titles, in some of the sections I put a few bullet points in to speed up progress at the next meeting. I then chose a design and jigged the slides around until I thought it looked like it was in a logical order, it should go something like: What is the business? > Why is this good? > What are the technical elements? > How will it make money? > Any other supporting materials and information > What next?

The Monday (November 12th) meeting involved putting content into the presentation. We had it up on a big screen and all bashed our heads together to put content into the slides, with live critical analysis. It is now 90% done, we just need to meet before Friday to check it through again, add notes that aren’t on screen and to do a test run of it. I think it is best if 2 people (or maybe 3) present this presentation, with everyone else present for questions. We spent the rest of the meeting picking holes in the project, such as our over emphasis on the business side of things and not enough about it being a software project. We came up with some ideas on how to resolve this, such as making sure we discuss the mobile site options and describe technically how our website would work.

On Tuesday (November 13th) I reviewed the marketing lecture and wrote this blog, looking back at last week’s work.

Time spent: Thursday 2.5 hours, Weekend 3 hours, Monday 3.5 hours, Tuesday 1.5 hours.

Total: 10.5 hours

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