What I learnt

Andy went through the introductory lecture and showed us the slides that Chris Price had produced. This introduced us with a breakdown of the module and discussed the Group Project involved including how were would proceed (e.g. with deadlines).

Apart from the general breakdown of the course, I learnt that projects needed to make business sense, but also they must be technically sound.

An example given by Andy was an app someone suggested where you take a picture of the contents of your fridge, then the app would suggest what you can make out of the ingredients:

  • This makes business sense if it worked, as a lot of people would find this kind of app useful. There’s potential to make lots money.
  • The thing is it isn’t something that would work. It’s not technically possible as fridges are often cluttered, they also have depth so that some objects are partially or completely hidden placed behind other objects. Even in an unlikely world where all objects could be seen and all are front facing, it may be difficult to tell the difference between similar looking products (e.g. a tin with an unfamiliar logo).

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