Week 1

This week I had to come up with a proposal for my major project, following the briefing we had from Chris in the lecture.

I started off by brainstorming some ideas of what could go into a website or a web app, this included topics / ideas such as:

  • e-commerce (physical and electronic goods)
  • calendaring
  • task management
  • support ticketing
  • games (online playable)
  • movie review aggregator

Following this I thought about what skills I had and what I needed to learn, to be able to implement these things. For the most part, I need more experience in using PHP and MySQL, therefore I’m going to get a book on this to read through and try things out. Also I believe Adrian Shaw will be giving some refresher sessions in this kind of area.

I spent further time writing down bullet points for a number of final idea which included the following websites / web based applications:

E-commerce (sale of physical goods)

  • List stock items that users can put in their cart, checkout and pay for
  • Allow some custom configuration to build an order
  • Order tracking

Photo upload site

  • Upload a photo
  • Rate photos
  • Comment on and share photos to social media sites

Car garage bookings

  • Check cars into the garage, logging various details
  • Create “jobs” to complete mechanical work and allocate resources (staff) to complete the jobs
  • Log updates to jobs. Possibly allow customers to check this themselves online

In the end I weighed up the pros and cons of the ideas, based on the complexity (scope) of the project, how relevant it would be to me and my future but also how interesting it would be for me. I also discussed these ideas on a number of occasions with my friends, to see what their opinion on the matter would be. Although the photo uploading one was possibly the least run of the mill idea, the e-commerce idea interested me most, as I am interested in business and IT tools for business, oh yes, I am taking Business IT after all. If I do the e-commerce one, I can also envisage easier visible progression along the way so that problems can be resolve more quickly and if things go wrong, there will still be other working parts in place that I have invested time in and can be observed to function well.

I believe that HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Ajax are likely to be used when developing my site.

Things I need to look into over time include PHP frameworks, Content Management Systems and what will attract users to the website the most. The latter two being more important to begin with. The user aspect of things will probably be answered during my Business Analysis document creation this week, the other two I can look at during the week (preferably) or next week.

Time spent: ~11 hours

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