Facebook “Midnight Delivery” security flaw

Facebook have implemented a new service to wish friends and family a Happy New Year, offering to deliver your message to them on the strike of midnight.

StoriesFacebook however have not been very security consious when setting this up. By simple manipulation of the ID at the end of the URL of a sent message on the FacebookStories site, you are able to view other peoples Happy New Year messages. At least I was when I edited the ID for myself.

For example. I made this test one which you should be able to see saying “TEST TEST TEST TEST”:

Story2If you manipulate the ID (http://www.facebookstories.com/midnightdelivery/confirmation?id=76188), you can view other people’s messages, just change the ID number up or down a few.

It is you may say a pretty harmless flaw, as they tend to be generic messages and you can’t see who sent them (it shows your profile pic next to the message, as if you’ve sent it). However you can see the names of the recipients of the message.

Some messages do contain a photo, one such message I saw contained a photo of a father and their child, another a family photo, another was a personally written message with a photo such as this:

FBStory5I don’t know who these people are, but you can see it puts my profile pic next to it, as if I have sent the message. It shouldn’t be possible to do this, as these are not generic and are people’s personal images.

A very bad part of it all is I think that you can actually DELETE other people’s messages, which I have tested for myself on a single message as I thought that it would say access denied

Screenshot 1 shows a greeting written by someone: FBStory3

Screenshot 2 shows the greeting page after I clicked to delete it:


After I action the deletion, this URL is no longer reachable. Which may mean that I have deleted their message
Screenshot 3 is just an example of a mass message I came across:


I just wanted to share this. I don’t know how a site like Facebook can continue to take these kinds of risks. PLEASE Don’t go deleting random messages, but try and delete one of mine that I set up especially if you want :). And share this message with someone else who may be interested:

Jack. Tweet me here: https://twitter.com/Jackthewelshman

UPDATE 31/12/2012 05:25GMT – the site is currently down for maintenance, I sent it to Facebook too so I think they are working on it

UPDATE 31/12/2012 14:00GMT – Facebook still haven’t got back to me personally with  any response. This is the reason that I contacted The Verge, to actually get some action taken

UPDATE 31/12/2012 14:35GMT – I have just checked, the bug / oversight has now been fixed. You can no longer access other people’s messages by changing the confirmation message ID

UPDATE 01/01/2013 16:49GMT – Facebook still haven’t responded to the two messages that I sent regarding this bug (This is still correct 03/01/2013 23:05GMT – I guess that I’ll never get a response now)

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