What I did this week

This week we have been completing work on our group report, in between the final work on another 20 credits we’ve been working on. Therefore early in this work week we didn’t actually manage to meet up, however we did meet up during the end of this working week.

We have completed a lot of the business plan, this week we have been going through tidying the earlier sections of it up to “hand in standard”. Then we’ve been moving on to write bullet points incomplete sections or turning some points into text.

The Technology plan’s components are all completed apart from the Data Flow Diagrams, which I am going to which I have began producing and will complete in this following week. We had already done one, however after the lecture this week, I have realized that this existing one has elements of a flow diagram and that it’s better to just do it again. I will make a number of them to model different processes. The technology plan items need to be formatted into a formal document with descriptions (where applicable), at the moment they are only together and unstructured.

The marketing plan has a template which Seb has created. Ian has had some more feedback from the questionnaire, we however have not added many items to the formal Marketing Plan document – we only have relevant content saved, not in any order. This is the most incomplete part of the group report right now.

Sam and Tom discussed what they had done with the Technology plan and how they had brought them all together. Seb and I showed the group the progress in the business plan, Ian helped Seb make some changes before our meeting today, before the rest of us got to the meeting room. Ian told us what he’d done with the Marketing plan and what was missing from other plans, such as risks – so we will work on that first in this coming working week. During the meeting we set plan for this week and we have a meeting room booked for a period on all days.

I am confident that the work will be completed to a high standard by Friday, where one of us will be delivering it to Chris. The aim is to push forward ensuring we make all of the relevant points and workings for a 1st! We will see how it goes.

Time spent: 7 hours

EDIT: Just searched for a DFD diagram program to use that is easier to use than Word 2010, or one that has some more powerful features. I decided to go with Gliffy as it’s free, it’s web based and there are lot’s of tools available, such as easy linking of processes with arrows. I tested it out and made a DFD for two processes (3 diagrams in total, as I need to show my group multiple versions for feedback). More to come in the following week but will tag this work onto tonight.

Time added: 2 hours. Total time 9 hours

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