What I did this week

This week our group met up on Friday for just under 2 hours – we discussed how were going to split up the work and who was going to meet up to meet up for regular progress report or group work.

Seb and I have done previous work that relates to or is in the business plan, plus I quite like crunching numbers and things, so it was decided that we would take on the responsibility of finishing the Business plan. This can be reviewed later on by other team members. I spoke with Seb so that we could meet up on the weekend or next week.

Also during the meeting we realized that the Marketing plan needs to have a document template created, with headings and current content, so that we don’t always think from a blank sheet. This way we can complete it more quickly. We also need to gain more responses from our survey, as Ian showed us that although we had a lot of responses, over 75% were Students if I remember rightly. Ian is going to work on the Marketing plan and I am going to assist him with it.

Tom and Sam are going to meet up to complete the technology plan, they have done some of the original technology related pieces, so this makes sense.

Over the weekend I spent time looking through the results of the survey, writing down the main points about what things meant. For example stats show that the majority of people thought our pricing for annual student rental was reasonable, as our annual charge for students fall within the most popular range. However, if we get more respondents that are not Students, they may say the same thing, but their annual charge is currently set higher, in a different price band that isn’t quite as popular in the survey results. We may need to use this survey data to make some changes.

I also spent some time at the weekend looking for some example marketing plans, to get an idea of the layout. I did this while looking at the marketing related lectures we’ve had in previous weeks.

We met again on Monday and planned ahead of how we would allocate time in the week before hand in. We have made sure that we have at least 12 hours within the final 5 days, where we are all free to meet together. We have booked a meeting room for a few hours each day, so that anyone can meet, with a computer available to do or go through any work.

I spoke with Seb during Monday’s meeting to meet up on Tuesday to do some Business plan work.

On Tuesday I met up with Seb to work on the Business plan, that we have centrally saved in a group on Facebook. One of the things we did was we wrote down our ideas into section 14 about how we would promoted and advertise our rental service. There needs to be a campaign in the local area, particularly on campus during that start of terms and particularly around town and the local area (e.g. caravan parks) during tourist season. Nationally, we can only really advertise our business on the internet due to budget, this would make it easier to spend our money wisely, by targeting an audience using Google Adwords (geographical and keyword relevance). There may be some useful data from our marketing plan, to help with this.

The people in our group have a deadline for a 100% assignment and one 40% assignment, before the hand in for this group report. We have to balance our time between these things up until they are completed, by the 10th of December the group report will be our only responsibility left, so we can put more focus into it.

I believe this week we have pulled together to bring the standard up level to previous weeks again, but we need to work as hard as this up until the 10th, then twice as hard up until the deadline if we are going to complete this to a 1st standard – which we aim to achieve!

Work responsibility split:

Marketing: Ian/Jack === Business: Jack/Seb === Technology: Sam/Tom

Hours spent: approx 8 hours

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