What I did this week

So far this week I have reviewed the lecture material, considered group project ideas and met up with my group for the first meeting of the week.

Before the meeting I looked at the ideas that we had come up with and tried to decide what were the best ones in my opinion. The way I did this was by considering is there a market for this kind of product, are there similar products and if so, how could we make it better and finally – is it technically feasible or too ambitious (too much scope). Some of my favorite ideas before the meeting were:

  • Car repair – matches a client up with a service providers, for problem diagnosis, tyres, oil changes etc at the most competitive local rates.
  • Aber local events – listings for local events and activities. Could appeal to tourists, students and locals.
  • Limited edition items – selling rare / limited edition media such as DVD’s and Games.The system could learn what you like based on categories / subjects of purchase.

During the meeting we went through each individual idea, removing the many mobile application ideas that we came up with, in favour of  a web based IT solution. We discussed the scope of what we could include with some of our favorite ideas, we ended up with two ideas to take forward to Tuesday’s meeting tomorrow:

  • Aber bike hire – users could hire bikes. Bikes could be supplied for events. Events could be advertised on the website.
  • Car repair – user would log an issue / service / diagnostic request. Garages could get in touch with these customers or leave them a web message with more details.

Tom and Sam were tasked to look into Aber bike hire – by writing down the possibilities of what the site would include, also they were going to come up with some ideas of how the user would hire bikes or suggest events to be advertised.

Seb and I were tasked with looking into the car repair idea. I was tasked to come up with a basic storyboard, so that everyone could understand how the process of advertising a service request would work. This was suggested to get rid of ambiguity as everyone had different ideas of how it worked.

Ian was tasked with critical analysis of both ideas – picking potential holes and risks with these ideas.

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