Another idea

I booked my car into the garage this week, as there was a problem that needed to be diagnosed. When they were booking me in they asked when was convenient for me, I told them “Wednesday afternoon”, the person I was speaking to said “I’ll just take a look”. I then heard the ruffling of pages, I though to myself “why can I hear the sound of a diary?!”.

Therefore another idea is developing a database with at least an interface for the service provider, so that the garage can book cars in and place a date and time for it in the calendar. There would be scope for developing a web interface, so that clients could retrieve service progress details. Using this system, the garage could allocate resources to particular tasks if applicable, so that they know when staff are free. Instead of ruffling through the diary they could view the jobs in the calendar graphically, allowing more productive administration and more effective resource use.

One consideration would be – Outlook calendars (or other calendaring) is a basic and cheap solution to this problem, this system idea would have to offer additional functionality to appeal, such as offering more bespoke features for it’s purpose.

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