What I did this week

This week was ideas week! A fun start to the project where the group must gather a large amount of business ideas for our project.

We decided to hold a group meeting after the weekend – this gave us time to think about ideas individually and research some of them a little, before meeting up, brainstorming and sharing our ideas together to come up with a list.

I spent some time thinking about what applications or websites may interest me, did some research on whether these things existed yet and noted down anything that may have a market or an untapped market.

I came up with about 8 ideas before the meeting, here are four of them:

  • Fix my car: The client with the problem could use a web interface or a mobile application to report a fault with their car. Service providers could then bid to fix this problem or get in touch if the user permits it. The main aim of the application would be to match people up with the best value garages (service & price), as it can be difficult to know where these are.
  • Aber local events: This website would include listings of all local events in Aberystwyth, including Student’s Union events, Arts Centre events and other things going on in the town. The website could make use of Google Maps to show the locations of the events and could make use of comments, to make the site more interactive. I also thought a requests section may be good, to show interest for something to happen.
  • Computer build site: The website would have a computer specification builder, similar to building a PC on the Dell site. However this site would be aimed at budding computer enthusiasts. Users would spec a PC online with the parts listed on the site, then at the end a custom guide with images would be displayed including those parts, on how to build the PC (also available as a PDF).
  • Breakdown app: The client would have a breakdown app, this can pinpoint their location by GPS / GSM and show their location on Google Maps. The breakdown service providers could use a web interface to see where people have broken down. This can match up independent garages and big names up with customers.

During the meeting we all exchanged ideas and had a bit of a laugh at some of the more rubbish ones that were suggested, baby name generator to name one. Here are the ideas that we came up with:

  • Computer build
  • Fix car
  • Movie review aggregator
  • Breakdown
  • Local events
  • Medical information
  • Photo geotagging to Maps
  • Mountain bike trail recorder
  • Niche retailer finder
  • Common solutions application (like Yahoo Answers)
  • Aber Student website
  • Aber pub locator (possibly including pub golf game)
  • Aber pub guide
  • Car space finder
  • Baby name app
  • Cooking
  • Lunch delivery to desk
  • Special edition stuff
  • Film suggestion
  • Music discovery social network
  • Costume hire
  • Car share
  • Bike rental
  • Cocktail maker
  • Bus countdown timer
  • Aber property rental listings for Students
  • Kickstarter style petition site
  • Ask an expert for advice

Meeting time: 2 hours. Personal time: 2 hours

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